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Wow Gilles! - By Giorgio Terruzzi

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Villeneuve is still racing across our imaginations. Courage, fury and heart-rending tenderness. Gilles Villeneuve died on 8 May 1982 on the Zolder track, in Belgium. Since then thirty-five years have passed. A long time, or the blink of an eye, if we come to terms with the intensity of memories, with the colours of passion. Above all, red, the red of his Ferraris, stumbled upon by chance and ultimately brought into a firmament that amazed us, worried us, gave us absolute joy and fear. Even though he never obtained a world title, he won all our hearts. A collective emotion with a painful premonition. A true, great sports story, with a protagonist transformed into an immortal legend. Wow Gilles! covers, year after year, the "reckless" life of Gilles Villeneuve through the photographs of Ercole Colombo and texts by Giorgio Terruzzi. The voices of these two exceptional narrators (both were eye-witnesses to the Canadian race driver's over- the-top life) guide us along a journey that begins in 1977 and ends in 1982. From his F1 debut to his tragic accident in Belgium, this spectacular photo album will allow readers to relive the romanticism of the sport that characterized those years, of which Villeneuve was a key player.


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Format: Hardcover

Published: 2018

Category: Sport & Transport

Pages: 208

Dimensions: 306x 207mm

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