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Winners and Losers by Catrin Collier

By :Catrin Collier


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Megan is eighteen years old and in love with Victor Evans. It is 1910 and, in the Rhondda Valley, poverty and hardship are taking their toll as troops are brought in to control the striking miners.

The only work Megan can find is in a house where police and soldiers lodge, but she is shunned by friends and neighbours, who believe she has betrayed her class by working for the enemy.

Even worse, Megan's father would prefer to see his daughter dead than married to a Catholic. And, when Victor takes desperate measures in order to secure their future, Victor and Megan find themselves fighting for the right to love one another, remain together, and build a life they can share.


Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 2005

Publisher: Orion Books

Category: Historical Fiction

Pages: 515

Dimensions: 173 x 110mm

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