Matthew Baker

Why Visit America - By Matthew Baker

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 A twisted, exhilarating and darkly strange vision of our time, explored in thirteen interconnected episodes.

 Welcome, dear visitor, to a proud and storied nation. When you put down this guidebook, look around you. A nation isn't land. A nation is people.
Equal parts speculative and satirical, the stories in Matthew Baker's collection portray a world within touching distance of our own. This is an America riven by dilemmas confronting so many of us, turned on its head by one of the most innovative voices of the moment.

Read together, these parallel-universe stories create a composite portrait of our true nature and a dark reflection of the world we live in


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Format: Paperback
Published: 04/08/2020
Category: Short Stories, Fiction,
Pages: 233
Dimensions: 233 x 154mm
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