Rosemary Ingham

Where The Truth Lies - By Rosemary Ingham

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At 40, Isabel has finally given up on her cheating husband. She is a single parent with two teenage children and a tough job running a school. This is made tougher still by the fact that her predecessor Will Fullwood, remains the school's hero. His natural successor--the irresistible Max Truman kept the school running smoothly during Will's last illness. "So why did the governors appoint Isabel?" Staff loyalties are with Max but second deputy Jack Redfern is definitely on Isabel's side. Within weeks he's in her bed as well. Despite Max's claims to be her loyal supporter, Isabel's suspicions begin to grow. Until she can prove his guilt, Max is officially innocent. "But suppose he is innocent after all?" Maybe Isabel has invented it all to discredit her rival.


Book Information:

Format: Hardback

Published: 2007

Category: Fiction

Pages: 267

Dimensions: 205x 142mm

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