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Truth Love & Clean Cutlery World - By Jill Dupleix

By :Jill Dupleix



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Of all the qualities that distinguish a truly outstanding restaurant or food experience, perhaps truth, love and care are the most important: a passion for creating food that is so good that it will never be forgotten; an environment that makes that extraordinary food taste even better; and a care for the ground or water from which that food is derived and the community in which it is served.

Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery identifies truly exemplary restaurants and food experiences, offering a new, kinder way of choosing where to eat. It recognises the enormous efforts our most caring restaurateurs, chefs and cooks are making to reduce carbon emissions, support their communities, and make the world a better place - plate by plate. Restaurants that care about these things aren't just good... they're good.


Book Information

Format: Softcover

Published: 2018

Category: Travel

Pages: 235

Dimensions: 218 x 155 mm

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