Sam Bourne

To Kill a Man - By Sam Bourne

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Tomorrow's most explosive thriller, today Cynthia Wright is a rising star in American politics, strongly tipped as a future candidate for president.

One night she is violently assaulted in her home by an intruder. She defends herself and minutes later, the intruder lies dead. Wright is hailed as a #MeToo heroine: the woman who fought back. But inconsistencies emerge in Wright's story, suggesting that the attack might not have been as random as it first seemed. When former White House troubleshooter Maggie Costello is drafted in to investigate, she finds intriguing gaps, especially over Wright's early life. She likes this woman, who she believes could - and should - be president. But she can't shake off the question: who exactly is Cynthia Wright?

A cat-and-mouse conspiracy thriller of rare intelligence, TO KILL A MAN explores an unsettling world in which justice is in the eye of the beholder and revenge seems to be the only answer.

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Format: Paperback

Published: 2020

Category: Fiction

Pages: 400

Dimensions: 233x 154mm

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