The Space Between by Rachel Billington


Alice Lightfoot is far too young to be a widow .

Perhaps she'd been too young to be a wife...

Three years after her husband's death, the world suddenly begins turning at a disconcertingly faster pace. Over the course of four very disturbing weeks, Alice finds herself dashing hurriedly from one adventure to another, and begins to ask herself whether this is how life is to be now she's on her own. There doesn't seem to be space to decide what Alice wants for herself—does she want a man around, or would independence give her the full life she craves? Alice is a woman at a turning-point, coming out from the protection of a long marriage into the hurly-burly of the wider world. She has far-reaching choices to make and the seriously unexpected to face.


Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 2005

Publisher: Orion Books

Category: Fiction

Pages: 316

Dimensions: 173 x 110


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