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The Great Magician by Christian Jacq Bk 1

By :Christian Jacq


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" After 1500 years of waiting, Osiris has permitted the Great Magician to be reborn... Find the Great Magician Thamos, protect him and enable him to create the work which will give the world hope".

Thamos, Count of Thebes, is one of the last members of a spiritual brotherhood, keeping alive the secrets of the pharohs. Now he has been entrusted with a vital mission. He must leave Eygpt for the cold lands of Europe to find and protect the 'Great Magician', a genius whose works will save humanity.

When he encounters a child prodigy, a six-year-old composer lauded throughout Prague, Vienna and Frankfurt, Thamos senses that he's found the one. Is this young musician really the 'Great Magician' foretold by Osiris, the one who can pass on the light of the East to mankind? And if he is, can Thamos succeed in saving the boy from the traps that lie in wait for him?


Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 2010

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Category: Fiction, Historical Fiction

Pages: 345