The First World War In Photographs by Richard Holmes

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It was the war to end all wars, a conflict without precedent in which millions perished—and it was also one of the first conflagrations captured comprehensively in photographs.

These carefully selected images capture World War One in all its haunting detail. From the mud of Flanders to the beaches of Gallipoli, all the great battles, all the theaters of operations, and all the nationalities involved are commemorated. It's an intensely moving testament to the patriotism and innocence of the men and women who volunteered, the bloody reality of trench warfare on the Western Front, the terror of gas and mechanized weaponry, the sea battles around the globe, and the ultimate sacrifice of a generation.

Taking us year by year through the conflict, renowned military historian Richard Holmes contextualizes the reality of trench warfare on the Western Front, the sea battles in hte oceans around the globe, the terror of gas and mechanized weaponary and the fleeting moments of humanity, such as the Christmas truce of 1914.


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Format: Hardback

Published: 2014

Publisher: Andre Deutsch 

Category: Military, Nonfiction, History

Pages: 315

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