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Targeting Handwriting NSW Year 2 Student Book

By :Pascal Press


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The Targeting Handwriting NSW Year 2 Student Book contains all the features of the K and 1 books plus:

  • tracing and copying of words that have a common phonic element or words commonly found in Year 2 spelling lists
  • students trace and copy sentences
  • numerals, number words and punctuation integrated into handwriting exercises
  • more emphasis on practice and the seahorse character is featured on some sets of lines only, the scaffolding slowly being removed.

Handwriting is one of the most crucial skills students will develop in primary school. Targeting Handwriting covers the handwriting curriculum in a clear and structured way, with content directly linked to NSW syllabus outcomes. Writing is a vital, compelling form of communication. Children need to write every day, for a variety of purposes and for a variety of audiences. To be competent writers, their handwriting needs to be fluent and legible. The teaching of handwriting is an essential part of the writing curriculum