Shawn Vestal

Daredevils by Shawn Vestal

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Fifteen-year-old Loretta, raised by strict Mormon parents, slips out of her bedroom every evening to meet her 'gentile' boyfriend, intrigued by his good looks and worldly ways. Her parents catch her returning one night, and promptly marry her off to Dean Harder, a devout yet materialistic fundamentalist who already has a wife and brood of kids. When Evel Knievel-worshipping Jason, Dean's teenage nephew, falls in love with Loretta, the pair make a break for it. They drive all night, stay in hotels, and relish their dizzying burst of teenage freedom as they seek to recover Dean's cache of Mormon gold. But someone is on their trail...


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Format: Paperback

Published: 2016

Category: Fiction

Pages: 308

Dimensions: 200 x 130mm

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