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Terms And Conditions - By Robert Glancy

By :Robert Glancy



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Frank has been in a car accident*. The doctor tells him he lost his spleen, but Frank believes he has lost more. He is missing memories - of the people around him, of the history they share and of how he came to be in the crash. All he remembers is that he is a lawyer who specialises in small print. But when Oscar, his brother, takes the family company into business with an inventively cruel arms manufacturer** and Alice, his wife, starts to seem oddly unlike the woman he remembers, Frank's world starts to unspool and the terms and conditions that he has lived his life by*** begin to change.
*apparently quite a serious one
**who cannot be named for legal reasons
***and which are rarely in his favour


Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 2014

Category: Fiction

Pages: 320

Dimensions: 215x 135mm

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