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Reproduction by Ian Williams

By :Ian Williams



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An internationally bestselling debut novel: an energetically told, funny and moving book about how strangers become family. REPRODUCTION tells a crooked love story which takes strange, winding paths shaped by community, family and fleeting interactions that leave an inedible imprint.

Felicia, a nineteen-year-old West Indian student, and Edgar, an impetuous heir of a wealthy German family, meet when their ailing mothers are assigned the same hospital room. An odd-couple relationship blooms between Edgar and Felicia, ripe with miscommunications and reprisals for perceived and real offences that have some unexpected results. Fast-forward, their son Armistice is a teenager fixated on a variety of get-rich-quick schemes that are as comic as they are indicative of the immigrant son's fear of falling through the cracks. When Edgar re-enters Felicia's life at a typically inopportune moment, the book's exhilarating final act is set in the motion and REPRODUCTION is revealed.


Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 29/09/2020

Category: Fiction

Pages: 464

Dimensions: 234 x 154mm