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From a distance - By Raffaella Barker

By :Raffaella Barker


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In April 1946 Michael, a soldier, returns, to Southampton on a troop ship, brutalised by war and unable to face the life that awaits him. Impulsively, he boards a train to the western tip of Cornwall and in doing so, changes his destiny.
More than half a century later, Kit, an enigmatic stranger arrives in Norfolk to take up an unwanted inheritance -a decommissioned lighthouse. Content with his existence, Kit doesn't wish to see anything the lighthouse's beam illuminates. But the choice is out of his hands.
Mother of three Luisa is faltering in the flow of her life; as her children begin to fly the nest she feels suspended, without direction. But when Kit and Luisa meet, neither can escape the inevitability of Michael's split-second decision at the Southampton docks.


Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 2014

Category: Fiction

Pages: 336 

Dimensions: 215 x 134mm

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