Ben Chandler

Quillblade Bk 1 - By Ben Chandler

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Twin brother and sister, Lenis and Missy, are slaves aboard the powerful airship Hiryu but when the airship is stolen on its maiden voyage, they find themselves working for a captain whose noble quest seems to make no sense. Relentlessly pursued by the emperor's own airships, they fly over the perilous Wasteland, where corrupted demons lie in wait. When Lenis dreams of Apsilla, the blue dragon of the east, the captain decides to help the twins find Apsilla's daughter. The survival of the last totem may be their only hope but will they find Apsilla's egg in time, or will their enemies find them first?


Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 2010

Category: Fantasy

Pages: 404

Dimensions: 210x 135mm

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