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Paris Fashion Flair By Marc-Antoine Coulon

By :Marc-Antoine Coulon


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The glamour and excitement of the Parisian fashion scene explodes onto the page in these bold portraits and drawings of Paris by rising star and couture-insider Marc-Antoine Coulon. With an unwavering hand and a riot of color, Marc-Antoine Coulon captures Paris fashion on and off the runaway. His pared-down, ultra-glamorous sketches-portraits of designers, screen stars, and his favorite Parisian haunts from day to night-are rendered here with incisive and unique artistry. Coulon's watercolors, collages, and sketches, paired with handwritten observations and pithy quotations, transcend the page. The artist's distinctive style-inspired by the great masters René Gruau and Erté-is both timeless and iconic, with a decidedly contemporary edge that is at once elegant, sexy, vibrant, and witty. Fashion icon Ines de la Fressange acknowledges his artistic courage: with a bold saturated background, a confident brushstroke, or the force of negative space, his drawings sublimate his subjects-whether a dress, a monument, or a celebrity. As fashion illustration enjoys a renaissance in magazines and couture campaigns, Coulon's drawings have been commissioned by everyone from Vogue to Dior to private collectors. They offer readers a joyful and breathless tour of everything fashionable in Paris.

Book Information

Format: Hardback

Published: 2019

Category: Fashion

Pages: 246

Dimensions: 309  x 227mm


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