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On The Road - By Olly Murs

By :Olly Murs



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Follow Olly Murs on tour to get an exclusive and intimate insight into life as one of the UK's biggest stars.

Want to know what really goes on during an Olly Murs tour? Then get the lowdown in his new book, On The Road - the official, uncensored, up close and personal story of 2015's Never Been Better adventure. Packed with 200 exclusive pictures, this fly-on-the-wall release captures all the excitement and drama of a 27-gig trip around the country, including the jokes, arguments, heartbreaks and giggles, with some parties thrown in along the way. An exclusive insight into all the hard work that goes into putting on an international tour for his biggest fans in the world.

That's not all, though. Keep your eyes peeled for several special guest appearances from the likes of Robbie Williams, Jonathan Ross and the comedians, Russell Brand and John Bishop.

Planes, tourbuses and a helicopter ride or two: On The Road is the access-all-areas tale of his biggest ever headline tour. It's going to give Olly's fans a real insight into what life is like behind the scenes - grumps, giggles and all.


Book Information:

Format: Hardback

Published: 2015

Category: Nonfiction, Music 

Pages: 243

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