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Nonstop by Tomi Ungerer

By :Tomi Ungerer



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In this final masterpiece from the late Tomi Ungerer, Earth is devastated and empty. Everyone has escaped to the moon - except Vasco. Luckily, Vasco has his shadow to guide him, and he finds little green Poco - someone to care for and bring to safety. Nonstop dangers await Vasco and baby Poco at every corner, but Vasco's shadow rescues and guides them through destroyed cities and apocalyptic landscapes to safety. It's a timely, thought-provoking tale of friendship, trust, and hope.

Book Information:

Format: Hardcover

Published: 2020

Publisher: Phaidon

Category: Children's Book

Pages: 48

Dimensions: 295 x 208 x 13mm

 Cover: ?Dust Jacket Slight Marks

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