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Menswear Illustration - By Richard Kilroy

By :Richard Kilroy



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This inspiring survey of contemporary men’s fashion drawing introduces a generation of illustrators who approach fashion image-making with sophisticated artistry. From the exuberant street sketches of Richard Haines, made rapidly on the streets of New York, to the delicate drawings of Cédric Rivrain or the bold graphic approach of Donald Urquhart, these groundbreaking talents are expanding our perceptions of the modern man.

Richard Kilroy, a top menswear illustrator in his own right, introduces and contextualizes the movement before bringing together designers’ sketches, street-style reportage, editorial coverage, and commissions for leading brands. Whether drawn in pencil, splashed across a sketchbook, or digitally rendered, the illustrations are as varied in style as menswear itself.


Book Information
Format: Paperback
Published: 2015
Category: Fashion, Design
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Pages: 288
Dimensions: 241 x 18 x 26mm
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