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Learn to Play Softball - By Bernie Blackall

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Learn to Play Softball is designed to help young players get out on the softball field and know what to do from the start. The book features star Softball players, an overview of the history and origins of Softball, as well as a clear explanation of the rules, essential equipment, key skills, advanced skills, and a helpful warm-up sequence as well as resources to pursue their interest further.
A New Series of Books on Individual and Team Sports for Young Players in Grades 5-8.
Each book contains a brief history of the specific sport and its development, highlights, and star players. Both text and images work together to engage the interest of young readers and provide them with some fun and interesting facts about their chosen sport.The Learn to Play... sports books are ideal for reluctant readers who enjoy sports because they will engage their interest and provide enjoyable reading practice. They are also ideal for the non-athletic student who wants to understand the rules and skills involved in a new sport before getting out on the field or court. An hour or so with one of these books will provide your child with the basic information required to get out there and play a new sport with confidence and there is ample information to satisfy the sports enthusiast.
As a teacher, I have often found that the reluctant beginner, who feels a degree of comfort often uncovers an unsuspected skill and interest in a sport, leading to a new and exciting hobby, and another way of staying fit and having fun.
"The Learn to Play sports series is a great resource for libraries and your players to refer to as needed. It's like a handbook for the game and provides a variety of resources that can be dipped into, not necessarily in order. Coaches and PE teachers will find it a valuable resource to stimulate wider interest in the game and to provide homework and instruction throughout a season. Bernie Blackall is on a mission to promote 'sport for every kid' because of its health and development value, and these books are a valuable contribution." Paul McMahon M.Ed. Leadership, Head of Sport and Physical Education, Scotch College Melbourne.


Book Information:

Format: Hardback

Published: 2016

Category: Sport, Children

Pages: 32

Dimensions: 290 x 215mm

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