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Lapsed - By Monica Dux

By :Monica Dux



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About the Book Losing your religion is harder than it looks ...

From devout ten-year-old performing the part of Jesus in a primary school play to blaspheming, undergraduate atheist, Monica Dux and her attitude to the Catholic Church changed profoundly over a decade. Eventually, she calmed down and was just 'lapsed'. Then, on a family trip to Rome, her young daughter expressed a desire to be baptised. Monica found herself re-examining her own childhood and how Catholicism had shaped her. Was it really out of her system or was it in her blood for life?

In Lapsed, Monica sets out to find the answer. Her investigations lead her to test a miracle cure in Lourdes and visit the grave of a headless Saint who claimed to be married to Christ (and wore a wedding ring made of his foreskin to prove it). She speaks to canon lawyers, abuse survivors and even a nun who insists that the Virgin Mary starts her car every morning.

With wry humour and razor-sharp observations, Lapsed is the story of one woman's attempt to exorcise her religious upbringing, and to answer the question, is Catholicism like a blood group and, if so, is it possible to get a total transfusion?

'Enlightening, forensic and laugh-out-loud funny' -- JANE CARO

'A frank, funny and heartfelt exorcism of our need to believe in a man in the sky' -- SHAUN MICALLEF


Book Information
Format: Paperback
Published: 2021
Category: Biography
Pages: 352
Dimensions: 235 x 155  mm
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