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The Tongues Of Men or Angels - By Johnathan Trigell

By :Johnathan Trigell



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Who was the man we know as Jesus? In The Tongues of Men or Angels, Jonathan Trigell performs an act of literary resurrection. After the crucifixion, Jesus’ brother James and his right-hand man Peter remained devout Jews, vigorously opposed to Roman occupation. But a rival faction emerged, led by the charismatic itinerant Paul of Tarsus. While the Judeans were being massacred in their millions, Paul’s followers desperately tried to prove that their Messiah was peaceful: and in doing so they began telling stories which would transform a small sect of Judaism into a world religion.

Over time, those stories turned to stone – while other truths vanished, crushed beneath the heel of orthodoxy, altered by the passing of years. So who was Jesus - the warrior or the pacifist? The Tongues of Men or Angels is a dazzling act of imagination and learning. It is a literary resurrection, unsealing a tale that has been waiting through long ages.


Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 2014

Category: Historical Fiction

Pages: 368

Dimensions: 232 x 151mm

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