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Fixing Dad by Jen Whitington

By :Jen Whitington


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Three years ago, Geoff Whitington was overweight, overworked and resigned to a premature death from a catalogue of health conditions. His doctor had started to talk to him about the possibility of foot amputation as a result of his type 2 diabetes.

It was at this point that his sons, Anthony and Ian, embarked on a mission to restore their dad's health and enjoyment of life. They soon discovered that there were no quick fixes. They had to battle with decades of ingrained destructive habits, not to mention Geoff's almost superhuman stubbornness.

But they stuck with it...and in the next six months, Geoff lost 5 stone. He went from being an obese, barely mobile night-time security guard to a fighting-fit endurance cyclist. Best of all, he got his enthusiasm and motivation back.

In this book, Anthony and Ian show you how they did it... and share their brilliantly simple diet and fitness plan to enable you to encourage someone you love to do it too.


Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 2017

Category: Health & personal development

Pages: 223

Dimensions: 200 x 130 mm

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