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Exile by James Swallow

By :James Swallow



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A vicious Serbian gang whose profits come from fake nuclear weapons.

A disgraced Russian general, with access to the real thing.

A vengeful Somali warlord, with a cause for which he'd let the world burn.

A jaded government agency, without the information to stop him.

Only one man sees what's coming. And even he might not be able to prevent it...

Racing breathlessly from uncharted CIA prisons to the skyscrapers of Dubai, from storm beaten oil rigs off the African coast to the ancient caverns beneath the city of Naples, Marc Dane returns in the explosive new thriller from the internationally bestselling author of Nomad.


Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 2017

Category: Thriller, Suspense, Fiction

Pages: 320

Dimensions: 234 x 153 mm


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