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I Used To Know That by Caroline Taggart

By :Caroline Taggart



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Facts from School You Forgot to Remember

Take an entertaining trip back to the classroom with I Used to Know That. Witty, engaging, and fun, this little book will appeal to then student in each of us. A one-of-a-kind collection of hundreds of facts learned long ago, it includes:

  • Grammar: Nouns and verbs are easy, but what about homonyms and homophones?
  • Prose and Poetry: From Virgil to Shakespeare and Edith Wharton to Ernest Hemmingway, literature will come alive again in these pages.
  • Math and Science: Quotients, dividends, phalanges, and these long-forgotten words take you back to high school days?
  • Our Changing World: Do you know that Myanmar was formerly Burma and Namibia was formerly West Africa?
  • History: From early global explorations to current international conflicts, you'll relearn names and dates you once knew by heart.


Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 2014

Category: Non Fiction, Reference, Education

Pages: 179

Dimensions: 196 x 126mm