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Honey - By Jenni Fleetwood

By :Jenni Fleetwood



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Honey was the first sweetener, predating sugar by hundreds of years. But, as well as its noted culinary uses, honey has been a long valued ingredient in folk remedies, beauty treatments, and household chores. This new book explores honey's unique medicinal properties - it is effective for healing wounds and burns, for soothing pain, for digestion, and as an antiseptic and anti-ulcer agent, an anti-fungal treatment, and a sleep-inducing aid. Honey is also a wonderfully nutritious and scented ingredient in beauty preparations, many of which you can make at home in the form of soaps, scrubs, facepacks, and moisturizing creams. And last but not least, it is of course a hugely popular culinary ingredient and preservative, adding distinctive flavor as well as sweetness to cakes, pastries, cookies, jams and chutneys, marinades and dressings, and sweet and savory sauces. This irresistible volume explores all the many properties and uses of honey in the home. Combining history, a guide to the different types, recipes, household uses, medicinal preparations, and beauty treatments, it demonstrates the amazing versatility of honey. Beautifully illustrated with 200 color photographs and artworks, this is a delightful source book of ideas you will turn to time and again.


Book Information:

Format: Hardcover

Published: 2009

Category: Cooking

Pages: 96

Dimensions: 298x 235mm