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Go with Me - By Castle Freeman

By :Castle Freeman



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Somewhere in backwoods Vermont, a young woman refuses to back down in the face of threats from a violent local villain. Her boyfriend has fled the state in fear, and local law enforcement can do nothing to protect her. And so she resolves not only to stand her ground, but also to fight back. A pair of unlikely allies Lester, a crafty old-timer, and Nate, built like a tractor and not much smarter - join her cause, willing to do whatever it takes. An eccentric Greek chorus of locals - wry, witty, sceptical, and not always entirely sober - keep a running commentary in the background as the threesome's quest reaches its terrifying conclusion. AUTHOR: Castle Freeman is the award-winning author of two previous novels, a story collection and a collection of essays. He has been the lead essayist for The Old Farmer's Almanac since 1982, and lives in Newfane, Vermont. His previous books include My Life and Adventures, Judgement Hill and The Bride of Ambrose. His work has featured in an anthology of Best American Short Stories.


Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 2016

Category: Fiction

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 204x 128mm

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