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Gillespie And I By Jane Harris

By :Jane Harris


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As she sits in her Bloomsbury home, with her two birds for company, elderly Harriet Baxter sets out to relate the story of her acquaintance, nearly four decades previously, with Ned Gillespie, a talented artist who never achieved the fame she maintains he deserved.

Back in 1888, the young art-loving Harriet arrives in Glasglow at the time of the International Exhibition. After a chance encounter she befriends the Gillespie family and soon becomes a fixture in all their lives. But when tragedy strikes - leading to a notorious criminal trial - the promise and certainties of this world all too rapidly disintegrate into mystery and deception.

Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 01/05/2011

Genre: Historical Fiction

Pages: 504

Dimensions: 234 x 154mm

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