Gibsons 500pc Puzzle in Tin Sweet Memories 1960s


Gibsons 500pc Puzzle 1960s Sweet Memories in Tin

During the Swinging Sixties, a new era of sophistication was heralded with After Eight mints and then Matchmakers chocolate sticks in orange, coffee and peppermint flavours. There was a growing appetite for peppermint with chocolate, including the new Rowntree's Cracknel. Other new brands on the sweet counter included Jelly Tots, Tooty Frooties, Toffee Crisp, Skippy, Aztec, Galaxy Counters and Marathon (becoming Snickers in 1989).

Perhaps the most notable of boxed assortments in the 1960s was Lucky Numbers in its funky box, but most people remained loyal to familiar names like Milk Tray (since 1916) Dairy Box and Roses ( both 1938).

Finished Puzzle: 49 x 34 cm