Fredrik T. Olsson

Chain Of Events - By Fredrik T. Olsson

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Every second could be our last unless one man can rewrite our future... DAY ONE: KIDNAP 'We've been looking for you,' they tell William Sandberg when they abduct him. Imprisoned at a secret location, this broken genius can only win his freedom by completing an impossible task. DAY TWO: OUTBREAK Out on the streets, people begin to die horrible, gruesome deaths. Every moment that William fails to complete his task, more will perish. DAY THREE: CHAOS The search is on to rescue William as catastrophe after catastrophe kills thousands. But soon William realises the answer to the puzzle might be the most terrifying secret of all.


Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 2015

Category: Fiction, Thriller

Pages: 512

Dimensions: 198 x 127mm

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