John Fairfax

Forced Confessions - By John Fairfax

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William Benson. Criminal barrister. Convicted murderer.... Convicted of murder sixteen years ago, William Benson is ostracised by the establishment and his family. Supported by a close-knit group including solicitor Tess de Vere, he's defied them all and opened his own Chambers. Now he faces the case of his life - and the terminal illness of Helen Camberley who helped him leave his prison life behind Jorge Menderez, a doctor from Spain, has been found dead in a deserted warehouse in East London. A troubled man, he'd turned to counsellor Karen Lynwood seeking help. Now Karen's husband, John, is accused of his murder. Who is Menderez, and why did he come to London? Benson is defending the couple against seemingly impossible odds, while secrets from his own past threaten to overwhelm him... Praise for SUMMARY JUSTICE and BLIND DEFENCE 'Assured storytelling and highly intriguing moral complexity. I tore through it' Chris Brookmyre 'The courtroom scenes are brilliant, and Benson really comes alive under pressure. Stubborn, fitful and contradictory, he's a highly individualised creation' Spectator 'Punchy dialogue and devious plotlines... compelling' The Time


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Format: Paperback

Published: 2020

Category: Fiction

Pages: 416

Dimensions: 208 x 150 x 13mm

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