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Exploring Shipwrecks By Nigel Marsh

By :Nigel Marsh



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Exploring Shipwrecks is a fascinating new book for young readers with a passion to explore the depths of the oceans, but without getting wet.Full of fascinating facts and figures, Exploring Shipwrecks takes the young reader on a journey of discovery, submerging into the mysterious world of ships lost at sea. Designed for children aged 7-13, the book takes a detailed look at why ships sink, what happens after they sink, how shipwrecks are discovered and salvaged, and also looks at those most fascinating of all shipwrecks, the ones that sank full of treasure.In addition, the book details how ships are completely transformed after they settle on the sea floor, changing into beautiful reefs that are home to a wide variety of marine life. The deeper one gets into the pages of Exploring Shipwrecks the more mysteries of the deep will unfold, including the history of real shipwrecks from around the world. The featured shipwrecks are ones that divers and snorkelers can explore and each has an intriguing story to tell. Like the ship that vanished and became a ghost ship, or the ship that sank upside down, and even the ship that was sunk by a volcano. Full of wonderful photographs, Exploring Shipwrecks is a book that will educate and entertain the young reader and will introduce them into the mysterious world beneath the waves, into the realm of shipwrecks.


Book Information

Format: Hardback

Published: 2016

Category: Reference 

Pages: 61

Dimensions: 288 x 216 mm