Excel SmartStudy Yr8 Mathematics


Get the Results You Want—the Smart Way!

This book serves as a structured revision program for all students undertaking Year 8 Mathematics. It has been designed to help students revise for class tests, half-yearly and end-of-year exams. It is structured to consolidate students’ understanding in line with Australian Curriculum outcomes. Through concise Study Notes, Skills Checks, Intermediate/Advanced Tests, Sample Exam Papers and Worked Solutions, this book will ensure that your child is fully prepared for class exams.

This book contains six steps to test and exam success:

Step 1: Study Notes

Step 2: Skills Check

Step 3: Intermediate Test

Step 4: Advanced Test

Step 5: Sample Exam Papers

Step 6: Check Your Worked Solutionsbooksrusandmore



Number and Algebra

Measurement and Geometry

Statistics amd Probability

Strand: Number and Algebra 

Number and Place Value

Real Numbers

Patterns and Algebra

Linear and Non-linear Relationships

Strand: Measurement and Geometry

Using Units of Measurement

Geometric Reasoning

Strand: Statistics and Probability


Data Representation and Interpretation

Tips for Sample Exam Papers

Sample Exam Papers

Worked Solutions

Test & Exam Results

Feedback Checklist