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Erin's Child Bk3 - Sheelagh Kelly

By :Sheelagh Kelly


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It is 1875, the Feeneys have left the squalor of the slums far behind them, yet the spectre of tragedy still stalks their path. Patrick remains the simple man of simple tastes, out of sympathy with Thomasin's ambition to expand her business empire still further across Yorkshire's broad acres.
They have already lost a son to a fiery death, when their granddaughter Rosanne follows a rebel lover down a star-crossed road. Now they must look to their other grandchildren - Nick, a cool young man who's privy to everyone's secrets, and Erin's daughter Belle, who has problems of her own.


Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 1999

Category: Historical Fiction

Pages: 704

Dimensions: 177x 112mm

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