Bravelands Code Of Honor by Erin Hunter

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A baboon who has uncovered an act of treachery.

An elephant uncertain of her fate.

A lion poised to strike.

The code of the wild has been broken.

Great Mother has been murdered-and Bravelands is on the edge of chaos.

Among the baboons of Brightforest Troop, Thorn Middleleaf struggles with a terrible secret-proof of the unthinkable betrayal that has happened in their midst. Across the plains, a young lion named Fearless chafes under the rule of a tyrant, waiting for the right moment to reclaim his father's pride. And the elephant Sky is desperately searching for a sign that will guide her to the savannah's rightful leader. A quest for answers will unite them all-but will it be before the fragile balance of Bravelands is destroyed forever?


Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 03/2018

Publisher: Harper Collins

Category: Children's Fiction, Action & Adventure