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Elizabeth The Queen And The Crown by Sarah Gristwood

By :Sarah Gristwood



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An internationally admired figure Queen Elizabeth II is the most high-profile monarch in the world, and her enduring popularity is tantamount to her many supporters. Following the twists and turns of her life and key turning points, including her teenage years during the war, marrying the Duke of Edinburgh and her ascension to the throne.
An internationally admired figure, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the most high-profile monarch in the world, enjoying enduring and wide-ranging popularity. Spanning from 1926 to the present day, Elizabeth The Queen and the Crown reveals the story behind Britain's longest-reigning monarch's extraordinary life. Sarah Gristwood follows the twists and turns of Her Majesty’s life and its key turning points – including her teenage years during World War II, meeting and marrying Prince Philip of Greece, later the Duke of Edinburgh, and her accession to the throne in 1952. Split into chapters covering different periods of her life, from ‘Apprenticeship (1926–1956)’, ‘Being Queen (1956–1986)’ to ‘Change, Celebration and Commemoration (1986–2022)’, the book charts the extraordinary events in the Queen's life alongside the everyday duties of her role as monarch.


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Format: Hardback

Published: 15/01/2018

Category: Biography

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 255 x 196mm