The Immortalists by David M. Friedman

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The Immortalists David M. Friedman

The Immortalists is the remarkable story of how two men of prodigious achievements, and equally large character flaws, challenged nature's oldest rule - with personal, professional and political consequences that neither man had anticipated.

David M. Friedman has done what no previous observer of Charles Lindbergh has ever done: he has cast a piercing light into the murky depths that have surrounded the story of the extraordinary collaboration between Lindbergh and Dr. Alexis Carrel.

For a book that ranges over such challenging subjects as bioengineering, medical research and offensive theories of racial superiority, The Immortalists is - amazingly- an exciting read. Friedman is, simply put, a great storyteller.'

Bryan Horrigan, Curator of Exhibits, The Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site