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Currencies Of The World By Julie Ellis

By :Julie Ellis


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How much money do you have in your piggy bank? Have you ever used an automatic teller machine? How are coins made? Which country uses giant, heavy stones as currency? In Currencies of the World: How Money Works, find out where money comes from, how it is used, what the word ‘economy’ means, how you can spot counterfeit banknotes and much more. From the early days of trading furs and tools, to modern banking and stock markets, this book includes: • full-colour photographs and illustrations • informative and fun text • activities to test your knowledge • a glossary to explain new words • an index of subjects covered • a list of websites where you can find out more


Book Information

Format: Hardback

Published: 2018

Category: Reference 

Pages: 47

Dimensions: 248 x 190 mm

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