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Red Bones by Ann Cleeves

By :Ann Cleeves



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Red Bones is the third book in Ann Cleeves' Shetland series

When an elderly woman is shot in what appears to be a tragic accident, Shetland detective Jimmy Perez is called to investigate the mystery.

The sparse landscape and the emptiness of the sea have bred a fierce and secretive people. As Jimmy looks to the islanders for answers, he finds instead two feuding families whose envy, greed and bitterness have lasted generations.

Then there's another murder and, as the spring weather shrouds the island in claustrophobic mists, Jimmy must dig up old secrets to stop a new killer from striking again . . .

Also available in the Shetland series are Raven Black, Red Bones, Blue Lightning, Dead Water and Thin Air.


Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 08/09/2015

Category: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Pages: 416

Dimensions: 197 x 129mm