Advanced Circuit Training by Debbie lawrence

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There are around 60,000 qualified gym instructors and personal trainers
in the UK alone, with several thousand more qualifying each year. The
Register of Exercise Professionals' (REPs) Level 3 qualification is
seen as the principal goal for all instructors, and a key part of this
is advanced circuit training.
Fitness Professionals- Advanced Circuit Training is the advanced companion to the definitive Fitness Professionals- Circuit Training .
Building on the basics of the first book, this new title is the only
book in the market that specifically deals with more complex and
innovative circuit methods - including kettlebell exercises, boxercise
and increasingly popular 'boot camp' military-style exercise - and
which actively helps trainers in the industry achieve their
professional qualifications. Using step-by-step guidance to planning
and coordinating sessions and illustrated by quality photographs, Advanced Circuit Training is written in accordance with REPs national standards for Level 3.

Book Information:

Format: Paperback

Published: 2008

Category: Fitness

Pages: 183

Dimensions: 230 x 190mm

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