Prue Leith

A Serving Of Scandal - By Prue Leith

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Kate McKinnon is thirty-six and mother to five-year-old Toby. She has a small but thriving business catering for private clients. Her life is on an even keel. That is, until she gets a job cooking lunch at the Foreign Office and has her first fateful meeting with Oliver Stapler, Secretary of State. He's powerful and charismatic, but also married and a father and totally out of bounds, yet she falls for him. When a journalist spots them together, he alerts the gutter press. Who cares whether Kate's affair with Oliver is true or not? It's a great story and will shift a ton of newspapers - and destroy several lives in the process.


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Format: Paperback

Published: 2011

Category: Fiction

Pages: 320

Dimensions: 198x 128mm

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