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A Century of Anzacs Edited - By Jason K. Foster

By :Jason K. Foster



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The ANZAC tradition was forged on the killing fields of Gallipoli in 1915 and the legend grew throughout the decades at places such as Tobruk, Singapore, Kokoda and Long Tan. A Century of Anzacs is a pictorial history of Australia’s involvement in more than a hundred years of war, conflict and peacekeeping, starting with colonial wars in New Zealand and South Africa in the 1800’s, right up to our modern peacekeeping roles in Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

With introductions that provide an overview of each conflict in which Australia and New Zealand have served, A Century of Anzacs includes hundreds of rare and evocative images of courage, sacrifice and duty. This book is a tribute to the men and women who served their country in the past, and the present day soldiers and personnel who continue the ANZAC tradition on the international stage.


Book Information
Format: Paperback
Published: 2018
Category: Military, History
Pages: 284
Dimensions: 175 x 188mm