50 Romantic Havens by Rob and Rosemary Peterswald

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Falling in Love with ...

warm sparkling water, clear as crystal, seductive as Calypso snow-capped mountains glistening in the rising sun narrow cobbled lanes, crumbling ruins overlooking ancient landscapes deserted coves at dusk, a golden sun sinking below pine-clad hills romantic tables on the water's edge, music, wine, laughter winding canals, noble palaces, mighty cathedrals, ancient fortresses once great cities now only sun-bleached stones on rocky shores love songs drifting in the quiet darkness, the moon floating gently the Mediterranean


Book Information:

Format: Hardback

Published: 2016

Publisher: Ballynastragh Books

Category: Travel, Non Fiction

Pages: 198

Dimensions: 292 x 292 x 22mm