Excel Basic Skills Writing Skills Yr 3-4


Excel Writing Skills provides activities and exercises designed to improve the quality of students written expression. The exercises are based on ten common text types in which specific grammar, punctuation and language skills are used. This book should develop students writing skills for all school subjects.

In this book your child will find:

  • exercises based around ten common text types
  • a wide variety of interesting activities
  • fun visual exercises to stimulate the imagination
  • revision sections throughout for constant reinforcement
  • a lift-out answer section

The Excel Basic Skills: Writing Skills book is designed to help Years 3-4 students develop and increase their creative writing skills. It is a clear and practical guide to writing well-structured, grammatically correct English. The book is divided into units based on various narrative and non-fiction text types. Each unit provides a model text, then a variety of practical exercises that cover the important grammar, vocabulary and punctuation points to be learned when writing for that specific text type. Answers are provided in a convenient lift-out section in the centre.


  • Narrative -Strike me Pink!
  • Recount - Diary Entry
  • Information Report - The Bilby
  • Review
  • Recount - History of Cats in Australia
  • Exposition - Should Pet Cats Wear Bells?
  • Procedure - How to Make a Paper Folding Cat
  • Preview
  • Explanation - Red Crabs of Christmas Island
  • Description - the Sydney Opera House
  • Review
  • Biography - William Charles Wentworth
  • Information Report - The Blue Mountains
  • Review
  • Answers