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Three Single Wives - By Gina LaManna

By :Gina LaManna



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 'Up there with BIG LITTLE LIES and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' Claire Allan 'Divinely original . . . this rollicking tale is sure to win Gina LaManna new fans' Publisher's Weekly None of them came to book club with a plot to murder . . . So when the discussion unexpectedly turns to the appropriate revenge for a philandering husband, nobody takes it seriously. It's all hypothetical and anyway, what woman hasn't dreamed about killing the man she loves occasionally? That doesn't mean she'd actually do it. But the very next day a man is dead. And now three women have some explaining to do. 'Twisty and entertaining' HEAT 'Smart, twisty and heartbreaking' TM LOGAN 'I loved the strong female characters' HARRIET TYCE 'Keeps you hooked' SUNDAY TIMES 'A book to completely lose yourself in' JO SPAIN


Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 2020

Category: Fiction

Pages: 368

Dimensions: 233 x 154mm


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