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A Princess Of Landover by Terry Brooks

By :Terry Brooks


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Suspended? Just for attacking Rhonda Masterson with a dragon? Ridiculous!

Princess Mistaya Holiday hasn't been fitting in too well at Carrington Women's Preparatory. The trouble is, people don't seem to appreciate her using the magic she's learnt in Landover to settle matters in the human world. So when she summons a dragon to teach a lesson to snotty school bully, she finds herself suspended.

But Mistaya couldn't care less - she wants nothing more than to continue her studies under Questor the court magician and Abernathy the court scribe. However, her father Ben Holiday, the King of Landover, has rather different plans in mind for her. He thinks he'll teach her about perseverance and comprimse by sending her to renovate Libiris, the long-abandoned royal library. Yawn. Clearly, this is the worst idea her father has ever dconceived, but not for the reasons she thinks.

Before long, Mistaya will long for the bedroom of cataloguing an unfeasible number of derelict books - for ddeep within the library there lies a secret so dangerous that it threatens the future of Landover itself....



Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 2009

Category: Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Publisher: Random House

Pages: 326

Dimensions: 234 x 155 x 27mm



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