Steve Parish That's Bizarre! gross & Frightening Facts About Aussie Animals


Have you ever heard of tentacle-tongued birds? No? What about bus-sized giant squid?

This book is only for the brave at heart! Your brain will go into meltdown as you yell 'That's Bizarre!' with each weirdly peculiar fact about Aussie animals.


  • Freaky and fascinating facts about each animal
  • Vibrant and engaging layout
  • Glossary with definitions of challenging words

About this series: Fans of the highly successful That’s Gross! Weird & Disgusting Aussie Animals book will find much more to squirm at with squeamish delight in this new stomach-churning series written by Stella Tarakson. Featuring everything from offensive odours to prehistoric puke, these feral facts are not for the faint-hearted! Combining natural history, science and a sense of humour, these books are sure to keep kids entertained while they learn.