D-Day from the invasion to the liberation of Paris by Richard Holmes


D-Day the largest amphibious invasion in history- took place on 6th June 1944. The subsequent battle of Normandy which lasted until the end of August, innvolved over a million men from Britain, the US, Canada, France, Poland and Germany and helped seal the fate of Hitler's Third Reich.

Written by one of Britain's best known and respected military historians, this book contains facsimile items of rare memorabilia including:

  • Top secrete hand drawn map of Paratroopers' drop zones
  • Germany radio signal reporting
  • Extract from the pocked diary of Sergeant G.E. Hughes, 1st Battalion, Hampshire Regiment.


Book Information

Format: Hardcover

Published: 2011

Category: Military

Publisher: Sevenoaks Book

Pages: 63

Dimensions: 285 x 225

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