It's OK Im from the Daily Mail by Richard Shears

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As foreign correspondent for London's Daily Mail, Richard Shears has covered more murders, mysteries and mayhem than are found on a shelf of crime novels! He has hunted real-life hobbits in the Indonesian rainforests, played golf with cunning orang-utans and exposed the secrets of discredited British MP John Stonehouse.  'It's OK!' he says, 'I'm from the Daily Mail' as he encounters rebels, renegades, runaways and royals.

In more than 40 years working for the Mail, he has covered wars in Ireland, Afganistan, Iraq, and East Timor; con men, killers and victims; disappearences and reappearances; mircaculous survivals, animals and so many assignments that were just darned good fun.

In this funny, revealing book, written against a background of dramatic changes to the newspaper world, the award winning journalist takes us from his mad early days - including Uncle Charlie and his cider-filled commode - to the time when his blurry photo of a blonde woman explosed Tiger Woods' years of infidelity to the world. 


Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 2012

Category: Non Ficiton, Journalism, Memoir

Pages: 304

Dimensions: 241 x 167mm


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