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D-Day The Files - By Richard Holmes

By :Richard Holmes



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D-Day and the subsequent battle of Normandy involved over a million men and helped seal the fate of the Third Reich. This is a unique multimedia archive providing a full account of the planning and execution of Operation Overlord, as well as the campaign which opened the way for the Allied advance.

This superb collector's edition, covering every facet of Operation Overload includes:

  • D-Day: The Concise History by Richard Holmes
  • A giant fold-out Overload campaign map showing 20 separate battlefield situations in full colour
  • A photo album with over 80 contemporary photographs and captions
  • A folder containing 12 facsimile documents of historic importance, from an airborne soldier's diary to top-secret high-command reports
  • An audio CD of first hand accounts from American, British, Canadian and German veterans


Book Information:
Format: Paperback
Published: 2012
Publisher: Carlton Books 
Category: Military History, Nonfiction, History
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